MariaDB is a new generation cloud database company whose products are used by companies big and small, reaching more than a billion users through Linux distributions, downloaded over one billion times, and used across all types of use cases and industries.

This success comes from our position as an industry disruptor coupled with world-class engineering. We believe these attributes fit squarely with current and future market trends, especially regarding the cloud—a particularly important market for MariaDB.

MariaDB’s accolades include Best Cloud Database by DBTA 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards, winner of Google Cloud 2021 Customer Awards, winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the category of best Customer Data Platform for Business Technology, and winner of InfoWorld’s 2022 and 2021 Technology of the Year Awards. These awards are public and highly regarded, and are further reinforced by the global reach of MariaDB’s brand across a wide array of verticals, including financial services, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, technology, public sector, retail and distribution, and education.

MariaDB’s position as a disruptor both in terms of price and technology is a result of its open source heritage. Unlike proprietary legacy alternatives, we have cultivated a vibrant community that has racked up over 190,000 contributions to the product line – a level of contribution second to no other open source database based on Github counts. At a business level, this vibrancy keeps costs down. At a thought leadership level, external contributions stimulate new ideas, facilitating MariaDB engineers to build revolutionary features that are forging a new future for developers and their use of databases.

Examples of thought leadership can be seen in the way the MariaDB database handles distributed workloads with high performance and automation that distills the most challenging goals into mere keystrokes in the cloud. Resilience and uptime of MariaDB’s fully managed cloud database, MariaDB SkySQL, with multicloud features surpasses even the most “fail-safe” data centers, all without the complexity of proprietary legacy alternatives, or the lock-in associated with database services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft that can bind customers to their cloud ecosystems.

Furthermore, the power of the MariaDB database is available to businesses ranging from the smallest to the Fortune 500. Whether there are 10 or millions of users, terabytes or exabytes of data, in a private data center or in a public cloud—MariaDB is there.

Hence our mission: Build the database for all – any scale, any workload, any cloud.